How Can Bad Internet Affect Gamers?

Understanding what "bad" internet means requires knowing the symptoms of poor performance. Not all households have professional monitoring and testing equipment, but internet performance can still be "felt" with the proper knowledge of how a connection should be performing. Online gaming is one of the most personal mergers of network performance statistics and almost tactile feedback, so consider a few of these online gaming performance problems to put words and facts alongside the feeling of a bad connection: Read More 

Four Things You Need to Run Ethernet Cables Through Your Walls

If your WiFi doesn't reach parts of your home, or if you're looking for a stronger connection for downloading games or films, you may want to install some Ethernet cabling. You don't have to drape it across the floor where you may trip over it. Instead, you can run it through the walls.  The process may be easier than you think. In addition to Ethernet cables, you just need the following items. Read More 

Know The Difference Between Consistency And Speed

There's a big problem in the consumer world when it comes to internet service. Too many people focus on "fast internet," not realizing that their activities barely need anything higher than 10 or 20 megabits per second (mbps). Although there are a few people who download big files—whether it's legal games and movies or illegal, pirated videos and software—if you're just having problems with browsing the web or watching streaming videos, you need to understand consistency as well. Read More 

Three Ways You Can Get Your Home Health Agency’s IT Department Ready To Run 24/7/365

As you look to take your home health agency from a 9 to 5 agency to one that operates 24/7/365, you will want to make sure that you have everything ready to go before you make that commitment. If you drop the ball, your referral sources and patients will get frustrated and look to move to another company that does better with keeping its promises. One of the key areas that you will need to watch is your information technology department. Read More