Finding An ISP That Works With Your Lifestyle

Depending on your location, you may either have a large number of ISPs to choose from or you may have as few as one. If you have the luxury to choose, the internet service provider that you select will play a large role in how fast your internet is and how much bandwidth you will be allotted. 

DSL and Dial-Up

Believe it or not, dial-up is still an option and some Americans still connect through this method. However, you will probably want to use one of the many types of broadband services. DSL is another internet option that operates over the phone lines, but this option is always on.

The type of DSL that would be best for you depends on how you use the internet. Asymmetric DSL offers much faster download speeds and is less expensive, but if you are often uploading then it may not be fast enough. This is especially true when uploading videos. If you happen to live nearby a central office, DSL can be very fast. The father away you are from the central office, the slower it gets. 


If you already have cable television, you may choose cable internet as well. This is the best option if you want the fastest speed and the best quality while not living in an area that has fiber-optic cables. You will experience slower speeds if you are using the internet simultaneously with several other neighbors.


Satellite is typically not recommended because it is more expensive and can be very slow; however, depending on where you live, satellite might be your most practical option. Satellite internet is available anywhere.


The fastest internet option is fiber optic; however, you may not have this option in your area. Additionally, the companies deploying this technology might be new to the sector and may not be as experienced with customer service for internet.

Even if you are enticed by fast upload and download speeds, keep in mind the terms of service. Some internet service providers place a cap on how much bandwidth you may use. Often, you will be charged for overages. 

You should also keep in mind additional services provided to you. Depending on your provider, you may have access to Wi-Fi from various locations outside your home if you login with your account username and password. When you're on the go, you no longer have to hunt down a business that will allow you to use their Wi-Fi.